Chào bạn,

My name is Thao. I’m Vietnamese and currently based in Germany.

As a food lover, I was totally spoilt by all the unique flavorful Hue cuisines, so when I started living in Wurzburg, Germany in 2018 I decided to veganize my favourite foods from home. I began discovering alternative ingredients to the ones I have easy access to back in my hometown and now I want to share them. My cooking style is greatly influenced by my mom, which means I cook by feel and rarely notice the ratio of ingredients. She raised me on a regular diet of Vietnamese food but when I converted to vegan in 2017 I had to find different recipes for the food I loved. I’m now using my time to write them down for the benefit of those who want vegan food with a Vietnamese twist.

Additionally, I am fascinated by the differences and similarities between languages; and how they reflect cultures, people’s way of life and way of thinking. By creating this page, I’m also sharing a part of my life and thoughts. I’m writing in both English and Vietnamese, however, some topics and good practices are not widely known or discussed in Vietnam. Therefore, I’ll translate them from English into Vietnamese in order to familiarize Vietnamese readers with those topics.